Welcome to the OAWA on-line Registration System

The Ontario Amateur Wrestling Association uses an online membership registration process where members can join or renew membership with the OAWA over the internet.

2018 Membership Fees

Division Fee Comments
Coaches $85.00 New Coaches require a Police background check. Returning Coaches must click on the 'Offence Declaration' box on the OAWA Registration site.
Officials $65.00 This is the OAWA portion only - contact the Officials' Association (OAWOA) for more details.
*Athletes (9+) $65.00  
*Tykes (7-8 yrs) $55.00  
Supporters/Others $45.00 This is recommended for parents and other volunteers assisting with club work.
Note: If registering in more than one category (eg. Coach & Official) pay the higher fee, but pay only one fee.

Membership Birth Years

OAWA recommends that athletes compete in the age group they qualify during the calendar year. A participant who registers early for 2016 (next membership year) competes for the balance of the current year under the age group for 2015. For example, an athlete registering early as a first year Cadet for the 2016 membership year continues to compete as a Bantam for the balance of 2015.

Age Category Birth Years for 2015 Birth Years for 2016
Tykes 2007-2008 2008-2009
Novice 2005-2006 2006-2007
Kids 2003-2004 2004-2005
Bantam 2001-2002 2002-2003
Cadets 1999-2000 2000-2001
Juvenile 1997-1998 1998-1999
Junior 1995-1996 1996-1997
Senior 1994 & earlier 1995 & earlier

Membership notes

1. Clubs must register to be added to the club pull-down menu before your individual members can register. Club Registrars should click on the 'Club Registration' or 'Register a Club links' on the page. Follow instructions from there.
2. Individuals Click on the 'Individual Registration' or 'Register an Individual' links.
3. For individuals you can select the 'Register with a Club' or 'Register as an individual' option.
4. Individuals, select your club from the pull down menu and complete your membership form. NOTE FOR OFFICIALS - SELECT OAWOA AS YOUR CLUB. If you do not see your club listed, please contact the coach or volunteer responsible for membership for your club.
5. From there, complete the form and click on the submit/accept link at the bottom of the waiver.
6. Your membership, including insurance coverage, is valid from the date you submit your form to OAWA through the web site. If your club refuses your registration, your membership will be voided and you will be notified that your OAWA membership is not valid.
7. To be eligible for OAWA membership, member applicant must be a resident of Ontario. That is, residing in Ontario at the time of application.
8. For payment: participant registering with a club please pay your club and the club will pay OAWA. Individuals registering independently must pay using PayPal.
9. Clubs are reminded that all 2015 OAWA Memberships will expire December 31, 2015.
10. 2016 Memberships expire December 31, 2016

All members must register on-line.

There is no manual option.

Member Benefits

Members are reminded that your membership fee provides the following benefits:

  • OAWA pays approximately 1/3 of membership revenues collected annually to Wrestling Canada Lutte in affiliation fees so that members may participate in WCL programs and events.

  • Insurance coverage for the following:

  • All Club activities, including practices, meetings, fundraising programs, etc.
    Please note: coverage does NOT apply for any activity (dinner, etc.) where the service of alcohol is included. Special coverage for this is available to clubs at an extra cost, contact OAWA for details.
  • Opportunity to participate in all OAWA sponsored programs (Ontario Carding program, Provincial Championships, provincial camps, clinics, etc.)
  • Opportunity to participate in all OAWA Sanctioned events – for a list of OAWA Sanctioned events, contact the OAWA or check the OAWA web-site.
  • Opportunity to participate in all Wrestling Canada sponsored programs (competitions, national carding, national team program, camps, clinics, etc.)
  • OAWA membership benefits, including insurance coverage, DO NOT APPLY to non-sanctioned events (eg. school events). Contact OAWA if you are unsure about event coverage.

Find out more

This is a partial explanation only. If you are unclear on coverage, contact OAWA for more details. For inquiries regarding Membership, please contact:


Thank you for your continued support of OAWA!

CLUBS PLEASE NOTE: The Recreational membership program is offered once again for clubs wanting to offer membership/coverage for participants who will only be participating for a limited time and do little or no competing (for example, elementary school leagues). Contact OAWA for more details.

To filter the records:

  1. In the dropdown menu under the title of the desired column, select how you would like to filter. For example, under Gender, select '='.
  2. Enter the filter value in the textbox beside the dropdown menu, for example, Under Gender, add 'M' to the text box.
  3. Click on the 'Filter' button.
  4. To remove the filter, change the dropdown to 'All' and click on 'Filter' button.
  5. For the fields with an ID, such as 'Division', enter the ID of the value, for example to filter on '1 - Tyke', enter only '1'.